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Using Our Energy to Save Yours

Energy Saving Tips

Energy prices have increased at an alarming rate, and interest in environmental responsibility is at an all time high. Many organizations are looking for ways to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions, and save on overall utility costs.

While total energy management is very complex, there are some relatively simple strategies that can reduce your company’s energy consumption, lower costs, and advance your conservation goals.

Lighting: Energy efficient lighting is an easy way to lower energy bills. When installing or replacing commercial lights, consider the location, conditions, and lighting quality desired. Choose appropriate energy-efficient lamp technology, controls, and other components for a high performance lighting system. (MORE)

Motors: Reducing the amount of energy it takes to run motors can directly improve your bottom line. Premium efficiency motors equate to significant cost savings, reduced down-time, and increased productivity. (MORE)

Compressed Air: Compressed air is a major expense in many companies. Compressors can account for 10% of energy use in facilities that require compressed air. Controlling your air compressor’s energy consumption can bring significant savings. (MORE)

HVAC: Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) can account for approximately 30% of a business’s energy usage. A well-designed system and comprehensive energy saving techniques can help control your company’s utility costs. (MORE)

Refrigeration: Saving energy on refrigeration can improve your company’s profitability while reducing harmful carbon emissions into the environment. (MORE)