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Using Our Energy to Save Yours

Sales Tax Exemptions for Energy Expenses

Sales Tax Exemptions for Energy ExpensesEMS helps manufacturers, processors, and commercial businesses to reduce sales taxes on their monthly energy bills, including electric, gas, and water. We perform the on-site studies that are necessary to qualify for sales and use tax exemptions, saving companies thousands of dollars in taxes annually.

Did You Know?

The power you use for equipment that serves your company’s predominant purpose is exempt from sales and use taxes.

  • You can reduce your state and local sales taxes by completing a Predominant Use Study, sometimes referred to as a Sales Tax Exemption.
  • Sales tax exemptions on electricity, natural gas, propane, steam, and water can be a big source of savings: most companies reduce their monthly utility bills by 4-6%.
  • Many companies also qualify for additional retroactive savings (up to four years).
  • Moreover, documenting where and how major energy use occurs helps you target additional savings for your company above and beyond the sales tax reductions.

  • To qualify for tax savings, you must have a Predominant Use Study prepared by a qualified professional.
  • The study must document energy consumption at each electric meter, natural gas meter, water meter, and other utility meters located at the facility.
  • The study must analyze electricity, gas, and water usage from every relevant piece of equipment, with each piece of equipment identified as exempt vs. non-exempt and processing vs. non-processing, in keeping with state regulations.
  • EMS will help you meet any specific requirements for your state.


Case Study: Green Plains

How it Works
  1. Call EMS for an initial interview to determine if your facility could benefit (free of charge).
  2. Schedule EMS for a Predominant Use Study at your location.
  3. Submit the claim for exemption to your utility.
  4. Watch your energy bills begin to reflect sales tax reductions.
  5. Receive retroactive savings if eligible.
  6. Pay EMS based on a flat rate with almost immediate payback on your bills.

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