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Using Our Energy to Save Yours


"heating, ventilating, and air conditioning". HVAC is sometimes referred to as climate control and is particularly important in the design of medium to large industrial and office buildings such as skyscrapers and in marine environments such as aquariums, where humidity and temperature must all be closely regulated whilst maintaining safe and healthy conditions withinHeating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) can account for approximately 30% of a business’s energy usage. Before considering purchasing new equipment, determine how much energy your business’s HVAC system actually uses. Using a well designed system and implementing comprehensive energy saving techniques can help control your business’s utility costs.

  • Reduce your facility’s load allowing the existing system to operate less frequently.
  • Implementation of an energy management system can provide great savings to your HVAC equipment.
  • Set zones to turn off exhaust fans when not needed and control the temperature of spaces at night.
  • When purchasing new equipment, select units that are Energy Star qualified.
  • Consider energy recovery ventilation systems to reclaim waste energy from exhaust and use it to condition the incoming air.
  • Combine a dehumidification component to your HVAC system to increase customer or employee comfort and reduce the need for larger equipment.