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Using Our Energy to Save Yours

Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy ServicesRenewable energy is an attractive alternative in today’s environmentally conscious global economy. Many companies insist that their suppliers and vendors demonstrate a commitment to the environment. Energy from renewable sources can help cut your greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Management Solutions, Inc. (EMS), assists companies in determining whether renewable energy is a viable option. We also help develop and implement renewable energy projects.

These are a few options we explore:

  • Carbon Credits/Renewable Energy Certificates—EMS can help you earn carbon credits through renewable energy purchases and projects that reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These renewable energy certificates are commodities that can be banked, sold, or traded.
  • Carbon Credit Procurement—EMS can help you purchase carbon credits from clean, renewable energy sources to offset greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Renewable Energy Generation—EMS can help determine whether onsite renewable energy generation makes sense for your business. Options might include wind power, biofuel power generation using gasifiers, solid waste boilers, digesters, plasma, or microwave technology.
  • Renewable Energy Purchases (Wind/Water/Biofuel)—Utilities across the globe are increasing their renewable energy portfolios. EMS can research wind, water, and biofuel energy sources in your area.
  • Tracking of Carbon Credits and Green Energy Savings—EMS can track outcomes of your renewable energy choices.

Contact us for a comprehensive assessment of your renewable energy options.